GOP offers `top ten’ to educate voters

Since this is the final Forum before the election, I want to take this time to encourage everyone who has not voted to send in their absentee ballot or vote at their respective polling stations in D.C., Virginia or Maryland. This election is going to be the closest in 40 years and you can make the difference.

For those of you who wanted to read another exciting op-ed about why you should vote for George W. Bush, I am sorry. You will have to look elsewhere. Instead, I have decided to give my election top-ten list and let you decide.

Top Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Gore:

1. In his first year as vice president, he cast the tie-breaking vote for the largest tax increase in American history.

2. From the mouth of a liberal: A president can lead only if other politicians believe that he keeps his word . But Gore has displayed a Clinton-esque tendency to say or do whatever is expedient. -David Broder in The Washington Post, Sept. 27.

3. The Gores sent their children to private schools but insist on not giving any money for vouchers that might rescue poor kids from failing schools.

4. Gore chose a vice presidential running mate who, while in the Senate, opposed affirmative action, favored school vouchers and backed partial privatization of Social Security and then Gore forced him to change his position on all three.

5. His proposals will increase gas prices around the nation. Higher taxes on fossil fuels … is one of the logical first steps in … a more responsible approach to the environment – Al Gore, Earth In The Balance, pg. 173.

6. Under the Clinton-Gore administration, military preparedness has drastically decreased, and the morale of our soldiers has declined.

7. Why should we believe that you will tell the truth as president if you don’t tell the truth as a candidate? – Bill Bradley, Jan. 26, 2000.

8. He will pursue a health care policy that will not let individuals choose their health plans or prescription drugs.

9. He accuses George W. Bush for admiring Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – without mentioning that he voted to confirm Scalia in 1986.

10. He will engage in policy initiatives that will increase government spending, bloat the bureaucracy and increase the burden on taxpayers.

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for George W. Bush:

1. He wants to empower low-income parents of students stuck in persistently failing schools with the option of transferring to another public school or using their share of federal funding to pay for another option of their choice.

2. He wants to restore morale to our armed forces and ensure they have the technology and equipment to defend our country in the 21st century.

3. His tax plan cuts the marginal tax rate of those who need it most – the low-income families that often pay the highest marginal rates, which is a good thing according to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan: Tax reductions can offer favorable incentives for economic performance.especially if designed to lower marginal rates.

4. He wants to give Americans the option of investing their Social Security withholdings in private accounts that in the long run will yield greater revenues for retirees.

5. His health care plan gives Americans a $2,000 credit that can be used to purchase the health plan of their choice and pay for their own physicians.

6. He wants to increase the annual tax deductible contribution limit of Education Saving Accounts from $500 to $5,000.

7. No isolationism: America will not withdraw from the world. American foreign policy cannot be founded on fear. Fear American workers can’t compete. Fear that America will corrupt the world, or be corrupted by it. This fear has no place in the party of Reagan, or in the party of Truman.-George W. Bush, November 19, 1999.

8. He calls for limited but active government that empowers states, cities and citizens to make decisions and ensure results through accountability.

9. Texas, through the bipartisan work of Governor Bush, led the nation in establishing a Patients’ Bill of Rights that allows for a patient to appeal HMO decisions to a independent review board or have the opportunity to sue the HMO if they are hurt by an improper health care decision.

10. George W. Bush will restore integrity to the White House, trust Americans with their personal decisions and continue to lead this country into a time of prosperity.

-The writer is chairman of the GW College Republicans.

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