Flyer destruction is cowardly

Freedom of speech, one of the most prominent constitutional rights, grants us the freedom to express our thoughts, emotions and differences. This vital right has been violated here on campus by the hands of cowardly people. Members of the Arab Student Association, the Muslim Student Association and the International Socialist Organization have been posting fliers for the past month in reference to the Palestinian side of the Middle East conflict. The posters have been put up on the walls of the Academic Center and various places across campus. Within at least 24 to 48 hours of their posting, the fliers had been ruthlessly torn apart. All the posters have complied with GW regulations; therefore, they have every right to be posted.Through these posters, the story of the Palestinian people, a story undermined by the Clinton administration and media, is being portrayed. The purposes of these posters are to make students more aware of what is really going on over there. They illustrate the truth and fact that over 130 Palestinians have been killed and over 3,000 injured. In representation of these merciless killings, we choose the posters as a medium of relaying this information. But this information has been impeded upon by the actions of unknown persons who chose to rip down the posters, without any regard to our freedom of speech and the representation of the Palestinian people.I hereby set this challenge to those cowardly people who have violated our constitutional rights. Come forward. Show your face so that we can discuss your actions and maintain the peace among students on campus. And if you choose to remain anonymous and continue to tear our posters down, I can promise you that the posters will be replaced in such a resilient manner that you will have your unconstitutional work cut out for you.-The writer, a junior, is a board member of the Arab Student Association.

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