Hatchet power rankings

1. Tennessee Titans – A win in Washington Monday night secures the Titans the top spot.2. Oakland Raiders3. St. Louis Rams – Doesn’t matter who the quarterback is, the Rams will put up the points.4. Miami Dolphins – First half against Green Bay could have led to Miami’s demise after last week. Strong comeback victory.5. Minnesota Vikings – Perfect no more. Wrong day to play Tampa Bay.6. New York Jets – Can’t come back and win them all, Al Groh.7. Washington Redskins – Prime Time on prime-time television Monday against the Titans. Look out.8. Indianapolis Colts – Edgerrin James causes severe headaches. Ask Bobby Ross and the Lions defense.9. New York Giants – Jim Fassel is now 1-7 on coaches challenges. More importantly, he’s 8-0 against the Eagles.10. Detroit Lions – Needed Barry Sanders to compete with Indy’s James.11. Kansas City Chiefs – Derrick Alexander just catches touchdowns. Didn’t let down after win over the Rams.12. Pittsburgh Steelers – Huge win for Pittsburgh on the road. From winless to playoff bound?13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Now’s not the time to play the Bucs. It was a gut check for Tony Dungy’s team and they passed convincingly.14. Philadelphia Eagles – Flat as can be. Better beat hated Dallas at home next week. 15. Denver Broncos – Bye week and still kicking themselves for losing to the Bengals.16. New Orleans Saints – The New Orleans Saints are in playoff contention. Hard to believe after the last few seasons. 17. Baltimore Ravens – What would the Ravens do if there weren’t field goals in football?18. Buffalo Bills – Bills are always in the close games. Way to finish strong against the Jets.19. Jacksonville Jaguars – Hey, the Jags finally won a game. 20. Green Bay Packers – The Pack had the Dolphins and they let them get away.21. Dallas Cowboys – Randall was back Sunday. Might he start in Philly next week?22. Atlanta Falcons – Jamal and Morton Anderson getting the job done Sunday.23. Carolina Panthers – Ugly game in Atlanta. Panthers did successfully kick one field goal in every quarter.24. San Francisco 49ers – Always put up a good fight, but can’t seem to win. 25. New England Patriots – Bye week. And of course, still one of the better two-win teams.26. Cincinnati Bengals – That’s two in a row for the red-hot, sizzling Cincinnati Bengals.27. Seattle Seahawks – There’s just a lot of bird-name teams that aren’t good. Seahawks are one of them.28. Arizona Cardinals – .So are the Cardinals. About time Vince Tobin got the ax.29. Cleveland Browns – Shame for losing the Ohio battle to the Bengals.30. Chicago Bears – A winning week is a bye week for Chicago.31. San Diego Chargers – Could they go winless?

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