Program Board reformats graduate branch

Program Board formed the Graduate Programming Committee in late September to better represent graduate students. The group replaces the Graduate and Professional Student Alliance.

The decision was initiated by the Program Board in order to represent the entire graduate student population, said Alicia O’Neil, PB graduate affairs chair. The agreement was written by me and approved by the graduate student representatives.

The GPC consists of representatives from each of GW’s seven graduate schools and will meet about four times a year to evaluate and plan programming for graduate students, O’Neil said.

The new organization allows the students to be a part of programming, O’Neil said.

In the past, PB gave 40 percent of its total budget to the graduate committee. With the new committee, the amount of money given to the GPC is the same, but distribution has changed, O’Neil said.

Under the new agreement 45 percent of the total funds will be used for graduate and professional students and 45 percent will be available for the umbrella groups in the individual graduate schools, O’Neil said. And the remaining 10 percent will be available on a co-sponsorship basis to graduate and professional student groups that are not tied to a particular graduate school.

O’Neil will serve as a member of the committee and said her role will vary from event to event.

Our goal is to create a diverse programming calendar that includes events focused on arts, sports, culture, academia, and community service, O’Neil said.

Upcoming events include a night at the Kennedy Center, socials, lectures, a Washington Capitals game, a spring softball tournament and events planned for students within individual graduate programs, O’Neil said.

Shilo Groover

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