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Student may face charges

A GW junior who was acting violently and had to be tackled by two University Police Department officers at the corner of 22nd and G streets Friday night may face charges from the University, said Delores Stafford, director of UPD.

The student tested positive for the drugs LSD, ecstasy, alcohol and ketamine, a horse tranquilizer, at the GW Hospital, Stafford said. He is less than 21 years old, Stafford said.

The individual was observed by officers acting aggressively toward people while he was running on 22nd Street, Stafford said. Officers stopped him to find the motive behind his behavior. He then ran from the officers and in the process was jumping on and off cars.

Officers had to tackle the student twice after he continued to flee. The second time, police apprehended the student in front of a townhouse at 619 22nd Street.

Stafford said the student then became aggressive toward the officers and they handcuffed him for their safety and his own safety.

The student was handcuffed on the ground and held down to the sidewalk by UPD officers. The student became alert after lying still and repeatedly said, while wheezing, Oh no, oh God no . Why can’t I breathe? The officers told the student to lay still and wait for an ambulance to arrive.

Metropolitian Police officers and four paramedics from the D.C. Fire and Medical Service also responded to treat the student.

D.C. paramedics respond to calls that require more than basic emergency medical technicians, said William McHugh, an EMS paramedic.

A University Police officer radioed the GW Hospital to request restraints for the student, whom he described as very violent.

The student was carried to the ambulance and taken to the GW Hospital emergency room. He was later released.

Man disrupts Family Weekend event

A man was arrested early Sunday morning after disrupting a Family Weekend event and resisting arrest in Kogan Plaza, said Dolores Stafford, director of the University Police Department.

A middle-aged black man in ripped blue jeans and a blue jean jacket was wandering around Kogan Plaza and was acting belligerently toward people in the area, Stafford said.

At the time of the incident, parents and students had gathered for a dessert reception in Kogan Plaza as part of GW Family Weekend activities.

UPD officers responded and escorted the man out the 22nd Street gate of Kogan Plaza.

As he was being escorted he started to fight with the officers, Stafford said. He was then handcuffed and he was ultimately charged with assaulting a police officer.

During the scuffle with officers, the man received a facial scrape about the size of a quarter, Stafford said.

The man was not affiliated with the University.

Metropolitan Police was called and responded, taking the man to D.C. General Hospital for treatment.

The incident happened just before midnight and the man was not taken by ambulance to D.C. General Hospital for at least an hour, Stafford said. The case was referred to the Metropolitan Police Department.

-Ashley M. Heher and Russ Rizzo

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