Power Rankings

1. St. Louis Rams- – The Rams beat the bye week 43-0. It’s going to be even more lop-sided when the Falcons head to St. Louis next week.
2. Miami Dolphins – The Fish are swimming faster than most in the direction of the playoffs. Jay Fiedler is getting it done in Miami, where the Dolphins can enjoy a well-deserved bye week.
3. Minnesota Vikings – Assuming they win, they’re the only NFC team that can compete with the Rams. If they lose, us here at The Hatchet really shouldn’t assume anything. Heard of the Vinland map?
4. Baltimore Ravens – This team has yet to prove it can put the ball consistently into the end zone. Matt Stover, however, has proved he’s one of the best kickers in football. Baltimore got lucky in Jacksonville, but winning teams get the luck. Great season – sweep of the Jags.
5. Tennessee Titans – Eddie George is just that good. Shouldn’t have much of a problem with the Jaguars next Monday night at home. Will be a battle with the Ravens for AFC Central supremacy.
6. Oakland Raiders – The Raiders blocked a field goal attempt in overtime and, with their win against the 49ers, assured the city of Oakland that at least one of their teams would win Sunday. Ah, the Yankees.
7. New York Jets – The Jets are completely grounded without Vinny. New York will need him in New England or else the Jets will quickly fall back to Earth.
8. Detroit Lions – The Lions roar louder and louder each week. Detroit has this way of dominating Brett Favre at the Silverdome. Sunday was no exception.
9. Washington Redskins – Washington escaped Philly with a win. Deion’s second fumble was negated and Stephen Davis’ fumble was ruled down by contact. Boy, did Philly’s Donovan McNabb give this one away. Great game with Ravens next week.
10. Indianapolis Colts – Colts just can’t win in Foxboro. Last second touchdown to end the half for Patriots really changed the momentum.
11. New York Giants – G-Men played the perfect team to get rid of their losing streak in the listless Atlanta Falcons. Boring game, but a win’s a win. Now comes Dallas.
12. Kansas City Chiefs – I wonder what Elvis and Gunther and Sylvester all did during their bye-weeks.
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (Before Monday’s game) If the Bucs beat the Vikings on the road, I bet the defense had something to do with it and this ranking can be disregarded. But, if Tampa does not win in Minnesota, this team is not in the elite anymore.
14. Denver Broncos – Ed McCaffery always finds a way to get it done. Big win in San Diego.
15. Philadelphia Eagles – Talk about blowing a football game. Eagles intercept the ball then fumble it back and then Donovan throws one of the more ill-advised passes ever. It’s hard to believe the Eagles lost this one. It’s even harder to fathom they managed to blow it in regulation.
16. Pittsburgh Steelers – Steelers are coming back and Kordell is leading the way.
17. Green Bay Packers – Favre just isn’t leading this team to victory. Strange to think of the Pack as one of the weaker teams, but they’re no better than fourth in their division.
18. New Orleans Saints – Saints have strong youth and playing Chicago helped prove that.
19. Jacksonville Jaguars – It’s Tuesday and the Jags are still fumbling the football. Talk about a team on a downward spiral.
20. Buffalo Bills – Bills are just not getting the job done against conference opponents. Bring back Marv Levy and the Houston Oilers. Remember that game?
21. New England Patriots – New England could very well be the best two-win team in football.
22. Arizona Cardinals – They beat Cleveland, but this team is still boring. Vince Tobin sweats too much.
23. Dallas Cowboys – Cowboys are bringing back Danny White for its game against the Giants next week.
24. San Francisco 49ers – Not a good day for San Francisco sports. I’ll leave it at that.
25. Cleveland Browns – Is there a relationship between the color of the uniform and the team name?
26. Carolina Panthers – Seattle is terrible and Carolina will take any win possible. Road games loom for the Panthers and that’s not good.
27. Atlanta Falcons – Falcons have fallen flat and are in race with Thrashers for best team currently playing in Atlanta. Bye-bye Braves.
28. Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks talk all week about their quarterback change and then manage just a field goal. Best thing about Seattle is San Diego.
29. Chicago Bears – The Bears and the Cubbies. North Side of Chicago about to jump into the Lake.
30. San Diego Chargers – At least San Diego has the zoo for Sunday afternoon fun.
31. Cincinnati Bengals – This team could give up zero points and still lose.

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