Hatchet Power Rankings

1. St. Louis Rams – Kurt Warner completed 12 passes. That’s all he needed to put up over 300 yards passing with four touchdowns. Until they lose, they’re the best team in the NFL without question.

2. New York Jets – Vinny and the Jets are flying out of this world these days. It’s a better team with Tom Tupa just handling the punting responsibilities.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Keyshawn had better keep his mouth shut this week. The Bucs gave up 15 points in the final quarter to the Jets.

4. Baltimore Ravens – Ravens are good and Cincy is terrible. Art Modell faces Cleveland next weekend. Probably not going to get a round of applause. That’s just a hunch.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars – It’s Mark Brunell and Jimmy Smith .

6. Indianapolis Colts – .vs. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison tonight. Can’t wait to see Eric Dickerson roaming the sidelines.

7. New York Giants –

8. Tennessee Titans – McNair better stay healthy because when he is, the Titans are mighty. Carl Pickens was huge against the Steelers.

9. Minnesota Vikings – Undefeated and ready for Detroit next week. And to think the Vikings now control their own destiny in the Central.

10. Buffalo Bills – Scott Norwood was practice kicking for the Bills during the off-week. Just kidding.

11. Oakland Raiders – The Silver and Black were on the attack against Cleveland. Tyrone certainly ate his Wheatley’s this week.

12. Miami Dolphins – They only scored 10 points at home against a weak New England team, but a win’s a win. And that’s all it takes in this league.

13. Detroit Lions – Hear the Lions roar. It’s going to be a battle with the Vikings next weekend.

14. Kansas City Chiefs – Good victory for the Chiefs over Denver. Elvis is proving he’s still alive.

15. Denver Broncos – Different team without Brian Griese. Broncos can’t win when Terrell Davis only touches the ball six times.

16. Green Bay Packers – Favre is starting to feel it and we all know what happens when the Pack gets going.

17. Atlanta Falcons – Falcons aren’t that bad a team, but they’re no where near St. Louis. Good match-up in Philly next Sunday.

18. Philadelphia Eagles – Philly showed they actually can pass and catch. Brian Mitchell should have had two punt-return touchdowns, but an Eagles penalty denied him of that. What else is new?

19. Washington Redskins –

20. Carolina Panthers – Panthers had a bye week with Dallas coming up. This team is still up in the air.

21. Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks on a little winning streak. Still recovering, however, from the loss of Steve Largent to the House of Representatives. Ah, politics.

22. San Francisco 49ers – Terrell Owens and the `Niners stomped all over Dallas. And how about Charlie Garner.

23. New Orleans Saints – New Orleans lost to Philly at home. More like the New Orleans `Aints after this week.

24. Cleveland Browns – Welcome back to reality, Cleveland. Playoff tickets put on hold after their debacle in Oakland.

25. Arizona Cardinals – Nothing like scoring three points at home after a bye week.

26. Dallas Cowboys – The dynasty is ending faster than Erik Williams can chop block.

27. New England Patriots – The good news is that they’re probably the best winless team in football. Where’s Tony Eason?

28. San Diego Chargers – Haven’t seen much from the Chargers this season. Neither have their opponents.

29. Chicago Bears – Where’s Mike Singletary? Bears aren’t going anywhere.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers – They played good enough to win, but the bad teams find a way to lose. Steelers once again should be very thankful that the Bengals are in their division.

31. Cincinnati Bengals – This team is awful. Had the Ravens connected on all of their red-zone opportunities, a slaughter rule would have gone into effect. Forget the Ickey Shuffle. It’s over.

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