Burt’s PB blunder

What is perhaps most disturbing about Student Association President David Burt’s call for a reallocation in Program Board funding (SA questions PB funding, Sept. 21, p. 1.), is the fact that Burt simply overlooks the importance of a strong, student-run programming group on campus. Indeed, unlike the SA, PB offers a plethora of successful, innovative, and well-attended functions that benefit the student body at large. While egos and petty politics often derail the main purpose of the SA, PB consistently delivers enjoyable programming that serves as a much-appreciated release for most students. With Fall Fest, Spring Fling, Movie on the Quad and the Story Hour Series firmly solidified as staples of campus life, to tinker with PB funding would be a monumental disservice to PB members and the GW community as a whole. President Burt ought to observe the maxim, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.-Matt O’Malley

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