Bar Boys visit Bravo, Bravo

Bar: Bravo Bravo
Location: 1001 Connecticut Ave.,
N.W. (Farragut North)
Cover charge: $8 (over 18)
$6 (21 and up)
Since none of the Three Wise Men are burdened with a Friday class this semester, we all kicked off with a Thursday night at Bravo Bravo. After passing the doorman and his enormous gut (which took a substantial effort to get by), the first thing the Wise Men and company noticed was the size of the place.

With multiple bars, a large dance floor and an abundance of table space, Bravo Bravo easily accommodates the hordes of GW students who can reach the bar quickly on foot. The crowd is basically transplanted from J Street at lunchtime, so if you’re looking for a spot where everybody knows your name, this is it.

Johnnie, Jack and Jos? all give the Thursday night drink specials two thumbs up. Before midnight, bottled beer and rail drinks were two for the price of one, so get there early.

The one drawback Jos? found was that the bartenders couldn’t mix drinks well, while Johnnie and Jack decided that they poured beer like amateurs. But being able to get two beers for four bucks in this city easily made up for it.

When the specials stopped at midnight, the dancing really picked up. A DJ played all the standard tunes you’d expect to hear at a D.C. bar and packed the floor, although Jack overheard a friend complain about the utter lack of `80s rock.

Regardless, the Wise Men and their entourage busted a move and a good time was had by all. If you don’t mind the cover, Bravo Bravo is a great place to spend a Thursday night.

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