Cosby seeks forgiveness

I want to thank my fellow students who supported me during a very difficult time. My family and I suffered tremendously from my poor judgment. I am deeply sorry for my actions. The judgment I used in this incident put the University and me in a bad light. While every charge against me was dismissed, I cannot undo the harm this incident caused my loved ones and myself. Accusations of awful things and their appearance in the media caused immeasurable damage. I hope I didn’t bring any embarrassment to my fellow students.

I am truly happy as a GW student. I have cultivated friendships with teammates, coaches, faculty and classmates. For those who supported me throughout this ordeal, I can’t thank you enough. During the toughest times, you find out who your real friends are.

I learned a very valuable lesson, one that will remain with me forever. Being a visible student-athlete – despite how innocent or guilty one may be – one has societal responsibilities that far exceed those of a normal student. Once an untrue story is printed and reported on television and radio, one has little recourse. It doesn’t matter that all charges brought against me were dismissed. I hope that people will judge me from this point forward. My reputation has been tarnished, but I will work to regain the trust that so many people placed in me. No one can know the daily anguish and embarrassment I feel for bringing negative press to the University. I will spend the rest of my tenure at this great University making everyone proud of me for the responsible adult I know I am.

I am grateful, and I love GW. I look forward to continuing my academic and athletic pursuits here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this letter. I trust that I will be forgiven.

-The writer is a junior transfer student.

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