Memories of Yvette Moorehead

I remember her in practice when we played against each other and the other team called a time out. My team was doing really well and she didn’t even get up out of the chair. She told us: I’ve got nothing to say to you. Go and talk to each other or do something.

And in the huddle we wanted to have a cheer and we cheered, Yvette’s team. And she just looked at us and laughed.

There are many memories and of course right now I have flashbacks all the time. One thing that I appreciated so much about her was that she knew how to coach.

She wasn’t confident in her coaching at first, especially when she got the head coaching position, but she taught me a lot of things. And it felt good to play for her, especially when we knew how excited she was when we won.

If we were playing poorly she would make us run. One day she told us how she hates to make us run, but she wants us to play our hardest.

When she practiced with us she would throw herself on the floor to dig the balls like there was no tomorrow. She would play even harder than we would.-senior Suzana Manole

I will always remember her having a very vivid personality on the bench.Especially during games, she would be up and jumping around during our rallies because she was just too excited to stay seated. I loved that she did thatbecause so often coaches have this stone-faced, serious demeanor during games, which doesn’t make playing much fun. Even when we screwed up on a play, big or small, she was always light-hearted about it and never made us feel guilty or upset.-sophomore Abby Ernst

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