Staff editorial — Disturbing facts

Although a judge found that Attila Cosby probably did not break the law during a sexual encounter with a 46-year-old woman early May 15 in his Guthridge Hall room, the facts discovered at his preliminary hearing Friday are quite disturbing.

While Cosby’s right to privacy should be respected, the facts brought out in the hearing cannot be overlooked. Cosby admits that he picked the woman up on a street corner after she propositioned him and brought her to his room, where she performed oral sex on him.

The most worrisome piece of evidence is a gun lock Metropolitan Police recovered from Cosby’s room. While the police did not find any illegal weapons, the presence of a gun lock is extremely suspicious. Why would anyone have a gun lock, but no gun?

During the prosecution’s cross-examination of the defendant, Cosby admitted that he fired a gun accidentally as a juvenile, and he said he was in possession, but didn’t own a gun at that time.

Cosby’s testimony revealed that he behaved in a manner which is clearly unacceptable for a basketball player who represents GW.

Cosby testified in the D.C. Superior court that he expected to get some head, or oral sex, from the woman he picked up on the corner of New Jersey and P streets. His claim that the woman did not expect money or drugs in exchange for sex is highly doubtful.

The questionable character of the woman Cosby brought to his Guthridge Hall room is another troublesome element to the depraved story. MPD Detective Dan Lewis testified that the woman told him she smoked crack an hour before her encounter with Cosby. Moreover, the woman was convicted of prostitution twice in the early 1980s.

Presumably because of his skill on the basketball court, Cosby has been given numerous second chances in life. He was expelled from high school and suspended from the basketball team at the University of Pittsburgh. GW chose to overlook his checkered past

Because Cosby was not guilty of any crime, GW should allow him to matriculate and play basketball. But the University should consider barring Cosby from residence halls and treating any future infractions with swift and immediate action.

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