GW Hatchet chats online with 311’s Nick Hexum

The Hatchet: Why is the band on tour this summer?

Hexum: Because we’re always on tour, or so it seems . I guess we’re out here to support our new album (Soundsystem).

The Hatchet: What’s been the best show of the tour so far?

Hexum: Honestly all the shows have been amazing. It’s been great having Incubus open the shows, the crowds have been great and I think we’re performing really well. I had a few rough shows because I injured my ribs water skiing on our day off in Fresno, Calif. – but I’ve recovered.

The Hatchet: What does the band like/dislike about being on the road?

Hexum: We like the energy of the crowds and we just like playing our music live. We dislike being away from our homes and from our friends, girlfriends, pets, etc.

The Hatchet: What does the band think about music coming out today?

Hexum: I think you can always find great new music if you look hard enough. There’s a lot of inventive and creative people out there making music. Lately I’ve been getting into a lot of electronic music like jungle and drum and bass. I also just made a rock mix with Deftones, NOFX, Queens of the Stone Age, Refused, etc. Also, whenever I feel a drought in new music it’s always nice to go back and rediscover the classics like old jazz.

The Hatchet: 311 was one of the first bands to come up with the rock-rap sound. Do you feel as if you’ve been passed over in favor of newer groups, like Limp Bizkit, with the same style?

Hexum: I don’t feel like we’ve been passed over in any way. We’re still doing our thing . we’re still happy . and there’s room for lots of other bands in any scene. I think it’s cool that we helped open peoples’ minds to cross-genre music.

The Hatchet: 311’s pro-marijuana stance is very well known. What do you think about the attempts to legalize it for medicinal use?

Hexum: We think it should be decriminalized. It’s a victimless crime and medicinal use is a proven positive.

The Hatchet: What’s in the future for 311?

Hexum: More touring and more records. We plan to be around for a long time.

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