Barbelle: Sign of the Whale

Originally Published 05/04/00

Bar: Sign of the Whale
Where: 1825 M Street, NW
Crowd: double your age, and you’re almost there
Getting In: IDed at the door
Prices: pretty steep – Miller Lites spank you at $3.75
Food: nada
Dancing: dream on
Pick-ups: trust me, you don’t want them
Pluses: if you’re drunk enough, you won’t care that the place sucks
Minuses: it sucks

So if you’ve been reading The Hatchet, you know who the Bar Belle is (and if you don’t know yet, go back and read Monday’s Hatchet). For her final Bar Belle, she wanted to hit a stellar bar and dole out the ultimate finale. Unfortunately, the Bar Belle and her finicky friends couldn’t decide where to head and ended up at Sign of the Whale.

Now, in all fairness to Sign of the Whale, the Bar Belle was dressed up for a night of drinking and dancing, sporting a pair of recently purchased pants. So, any place that lacked dancing was going to get a negative grade in the Bar Belle’s book. But if there had been an inkling of fun at Sign of the Whale, the Bar Belle would have been OK with it. There wasn’t. The place was filled with old fogies who looked out of place drinking beer in bottles. They should have been nursing glasses of Merlot. Then they tried to dance to really bad 1980s music. The time there just sucked.

Luckily, the Bar Belle had started her night out at a party in Jared, Ian and Mike’s room in Columbia Plaza. (Hey, I can use names now since you all know who I am right?) The Bar Belle along with Ali, Mandy, Margaret and John (who was the stud traveling with four fine girls) went there for a bit of pre-partying, and that was where most of the action took place. The rent-a-cops came to break up the affair, and that was the most exciting part of the evening.

For the Bar Belle, it was a low-key night that was kind of a disappointment. But she was with friends and her boyfriend (no, the Bar Belle is no longer single. If you read carefully, you would have known this), and that’s all that matters. And plus, with graduation and finals heading the Bar Belle’s way, she’s just saving her liver a bit of distress before it gets ravaged in the upcoming weeks – when the Bar Belle must truly say goodbye.

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