GW frolics at Spring Fling

Giveaways, free food, a dunk tank, a moonwalk and laser tag adorned Kogan Plaza and H Street Saturday afternoon during Program Board’s annual warm-weather regalia – Spring Fling 2000.

A concert by The Bloodhound Gang, who recently released an album entitled Hooray for Boobies (UNI/Geffen), drew the largest crowd.

You are witnessing your student activities fees go to waste, lead singer Jimmy Pop joked as the band took the stage.

During the concert, which featured the hits The Roof is on Fire and Bad Touch, band members spat on each other, started a conga line and ridiculed a student who threw up after attempting to drink a warm case of Dr. Pepper on stage.

The bands performance, complete with onstage wedgies and flying hot dogs, delighted diehard fans and indifferent Spring-Fling goers alike.

I don’t really listen to their music, and I’ve never seen them before, but they put on a good show, freshman Marietta Gregg said of the band that got its name from the public television show 3-2-1 Contact.

GW students were treated to a preview of the band’s show Saturday night at the 9:30 Club.

It was a good band to have, freshman Partmiss Mojallal said. I kind of think it’s funny how some people are going to pay to see them at the 9:30 Club (Saturday).

Other bands that performed throughout the day included the local band Bicycle Thieves and GW’s own Soul Country, Nine Stories Up and Waterstreet.

Musical entertainment aside, many attendees also touted the quality of other attractions at Spring Fling.

The event gave students a chance to dunk Student Association President-elect David Burt or duke it out with their roommate in an inflatable bouncy boxing ring. Less adventurous students could decorate H Street with rainbow-colored chalk or enjoy the spectacle of a moon-bounce in front of Gelman Library.

I definitely liked the bouncy thing, Gregg said.

Food also ranked high on the list of students’ reasons for attending and received rave reviews.

The Sno-Cones are the best in years, Marc Gittleman said. I’m a senior, and I’ve been having them since the Thurston Block Party as a freshman.

One of the differences between previous Spring Flings and this year’s event was the location.

PB Parties Chair Eli Goren explained that the Kogan Plaza/H Street location allowed students to spread out and move away from the music if they wished, as opposed to the confining nature of the Quad.

I think it’s better this year, it’s more festive, sophomore Khalid Jaboori said. There’s more people here, I think it’s better than (last year’s Spring Fling on) the Quad.

After an overcast week, Goren said PB members were relieved to have sunny skies for Spring Fling.

We were really stressed out all week because of the weather, he said. But we couldn’t have asked for a better day. I’d say I was very happy with the way everything turned out, it couldn’t have gone any better. Also, the turnout was great, that was a big thing.

Overall, students credited PB with doing a good job organizing the event.

There’s been a steady crowd all afternoon, senior Beth Feldman said. You can tell they put a lot of work into this, and it was worth it.

Goren said the entire organiation was involved in the event in some way, which has been in the planning stages since January. While a committee of about 20 people manned giveaway booths and games, the members of the Concerts Committee helped with stage setup and sound. Members of the Phi Sigma Pi fraternity also helped, as well as the Sigma Nu brothers, who were in charge of cooking the food for the event.

We’re seniors, and we’ve been here all afternoon, Feldman said. I think that says it all.

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