The Great OZ has spoken. Does anyone else get the feeling that the whole article (written by University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg) was just an exercise in intellectual muscle flexing (April 23, p. 5, A post-World Bank/International Monetary Fund reflection)?

It is really great to see that our president can use obscure references and 10-dollar words with the best of them. I am the kind of person who enjoys straight talk. Maybe he should be doing a lot more of that.

In his article he writes, Imagine once again feeling optimistic about our future. I would really like to know what we should feel optimistic about, being screwed on tuition, the lack of service I see around me, the endless construction that is not covered by our over-priced tuition or our out of touch president sitting high on the hill.

Once again the magnificent OZ has spoken, and it is all lip service.

-Dave Espinoza

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