Bar belle: Common Share

Where: 2003 18th Street
Crowd: odd mix of people, most who seem to know each other
Getting In: ID checked at the door
Prices: every drink you could ever want is $2
Food: who wants it when drinks are $2
Dancing: none whatsoever
Pick-ups: small space, lots of people, raging hormones, you figure it out
Pluses: every drink is $2
Minuses: no dancing, small space and everyone seems to know each other

The Bar Belle always heard rustlings about the Common Share where every drink, from Corona to Miller Lite to Vodka and Cranberry, is only $2. But, until two weeks ago, the Bar Belle had never entered this utopia.

On a night out for a birthday celebration, the Bar Belle and her femme fatale compadres had plans to meet up with some boys later but needed to waste a little time (and get a little bit wasted). So, they headed to the Common Share. Inside, people (who range in looks from Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties to Gwen Stefani of No Doubt) cram around large bar trying to grab a bartender’s attention. That’s quite an ordeal. But once you have a drink in hand, you’re good for a while. The draft beers come in large glasses that will take a while to suck down. And the mixed drinks are a cup of alcohol with a splash of juice or soda so sipping is a must – even the Bar Belle was drinking delicately.

Upstairs there are couches and chairs to relax on, but when the Bar Belle wandered upstairs she felt a bit like an outsider – like everyone in the place had known each other since kindergarten (not to mention that some of the people looked like they just came out of kindergarten). But back downstairs, people were friendly and approached strangers just to say hi.

After a Corona and a draft beer, the Bar Belle and her friends were off to Crush for a night of dancing. There the Bar Belle grooved with a guy who was looking good in a new pair of glasses. The Common Share is a great place to start your night at. It’s mellow. It’s cheap. And you can get nice and toasty for $10. What else could you ask for?

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