Pie reply

I would like to respond to Matt Silverstein’s charges against me in the last issue of The Hatchet (President pulls out, p. 4, Thursday, April 20). I did not know that the pie in my face was to happen at EVP Night 2000. No one notified me to be there. If I had been notified ahead of time, I gladly would have gone. Maybe you should cite poor planning on the part of the organizers if they never notified the supposed main event. The first time I heard anything was 11 p.m. Tuesday night while at the Senate meeting. I have already e-mailed Phil Meisner apologizing for the mix-up and suggesting that the pie throwing take place at the final Senate meeting. I would invite Mr. Silverstein and anyone else interested in the pie throwing to attend with their cameras ready.

Additionally, even if I had been notified, I may have had to reschedule. Last Tuesday’s Senate meeting was one of the busiest in a while, and we debated many important bills. Last Tuesday night, I was the sponsor of two pieces of legislation that I had worked hard on for several weeks. There was also a bill on the floor that I wanted to work to amend, because if it had passed, I probably would have vetoed it. It would not have been fair to the senators who had worked hard on the bill to veto it without an attempt to correct the problems that I had.

I am sorry if you feel that doing my job is a bad way to end my term, and I hope that this explanation satisfies everyone surprised by my absence from EVP Night 2000. I would like to congratulate the organizers on an amazing turnout and a job well done. But when planning future events, if there is a person you want to attend, telling them to be there might be a good place to start.

-Caity Leu
SA president

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