Pres. pulls out

I am writing this letter because of what happened Tuesday at the Executive Vice President Night 2000. As a fund-raiser for students at Martha’s Marathon, former Student Association President Phil Meisner bought a chance to throw a pie in current SA President Caity Leu’s face. The EVP night was supposed to be a big event. There was supposed to be pizza and commemorative cups and the pie-throwing contest in J Street. The creators of this event put a lot of hard work into this night. They received a lot of support from the GW community and many different campus organizations donated money to the cause. Many of us who supported the event saw it as a great way to get lots of students out and come to an event. This event was for the entire school, and it should have been a lot of fun.

My problem with the night is that Caity Leu did not show up. Caity Leu is our president, for the time-being. She is the one who represents our school. Martha’s Marathon is for a great cause, and I think it was very poor of her not to show up at this event. The event was all in good fun, and she did not attend. She ruined an event sponsored by numerous people in her constituency.

As treasurer of Thurston Hall, we donated a lot of money to this event. We felt that this was great for the GW community. I am just sorry that Leu had to make our money go to waste. She only has a few weeks left of being president, and it is too bad this is the way she has chosen to end her term. I would almost expect a written apology from her to the entire school for ruining a student-sponsored event. I congratulate the hard work that all the people in charge of this event did and feel bad that their night was ruined.

-Matthew J. Silversteinfreshman

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