Protestors descend upon GW campus

About 600 people, including a Washington Post photographer, were arrested Saturday and many more took over the streets of Foggy Bottom Sunday as International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings began.

The arrests occurred after hundreds of protestors walked from the Department of Justice toward the World Bank. After approaching 21st Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, the protestors turned around heading east toward K Street.

There, Metropolitan Police, armed with riot gear, cornered the block at 20th Street between I and K streets. MPD placed about 600 people onto buses, transporting them to numerous locations around the District to be processed and eventually released. The protestors were arrested for demonstrating without a permit, according to reports.

Also on Saturday, an impromptu protest broke out in Georgetown at the Sports Zone and Gap. Protestors chanted We’d rather wear nothing than wear Gap and followed through on their statement. About eight protestors stripped down to their underwear. Police guarded both Gap and Gap Kids on Wisconsin Avenue and ensured that vehicular traffic could get through.

On Sunday mid-morning, some groups of protestors blocked streets inside the perimeter of GW. Intersections near Thurston Hall, Francis Scott Key Hall and University Police headquarters were all blocked. Protestors placed wood blocks, string around the border of the blocks, and in some cases large bags of fertilizer on the GW blocks. There were also impromptu marches down G Street and other protestors attempted to block Corcoran Hall.

Early Sunday morning, groups of protestors began to gather near Washington Circle. The group formed a circle, locked arms, and blocked traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue and 22nd Street. Close to 6 a.m., the large group began to march down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the World Bank. Police monitored the situation but did not make mass arrests that occurred Saturday, as of mid-morning Sunday.

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