Job Hunting Guide: How to Find a Job During College

1. Determine your available hours and the minimum salary you need.

2. Prepare your resum? before you begin to look for a job in order to apply immediately when you find a job opening.

3. Check the student center for a list of part-time jobs on campus, including clerical, bookstore and cafeteria positions.

4. Ask the store managers close to campus about possible job openings. Consider working for establishments where you can get food or clothing at a discount.

5. Go through the classified employment ads of your school’s paper and a local paper.

6. Consult with your departmental adviser about any available paid internships. Many majors require internships anyway, so it makes sense to combine part-time work and experience in your future field. Be aware that many internships are non-paid.

7. Apply immediately when you discover a promising job opening. You should carry a copy of your resum? at all times.


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