Article overlooks Blowout success

This response is in regard to the front page article in the April 6 issue of the Hatchet, entitled Members find party disorganized. As a member of the South Asian community, I would like to express my disappointment with the way The Hatchet chose to cover the event. It is a shame that The Hatchet would write an article about an after-party that had no direct connection to GW or the South Asian Society and deem it worthy of front-page coverage. It overshadowed the actual competition and fair, which proved to be successful and positive events at GW and among the community.

Bhangra Blowout was the result of the hard work, dedication and commitment of more than 70 students. Since September 1999, SAS has been planning Bhangra on the Quad, an outdoor festival, and Bhangra Blowout, an intercollegiate dance competition. The Quad was filled with both GW and non-GW students, experiencing the food, music and culture of South Asia. The evening competition, a nationally recognized event, surpassed even our own expectations with a sell-out crowd of 3,700 attendees from all over the country, including the D.C. Mayor’s Office and South Asian Embassy officials.

In addition, all proceeds from the events go to the only student endowment at GW, the South Asian Society Scholarship, and to the Asian Women’s Self-Help Association, a local non-profit organization. The most amazing aspect of this event is that it is the largest student organization event at GW. It is the product of students who are dedicated to bringing out the best of GW and the South Asian community.

Both of these events proved to be successful and enjoyable for all attendees, whether from D.C. or from out-of-town. But unfortunately, Bhangra Blowout was not as sensational as an after-party article to receive adequate coverage by The Hatchet. The party article, which had pieces of incorrect information, was printed on the front page, while the article that covered the fair and show was placed above the continuation of the party article. The Hatchet’s coverage of the after-party reflects poorly on the SAS and the South Asian community, although we did not organize or sponsor it. I find it extremely unfortunate that The Hatchet cannot see Bhangra Blowout as a significant accomplishment for a student organization. The newspaper has done a huge disservice to SAS and to the many students who have put hours of time and effort into Bhangra Blowout.

The Hatchet chose to first focus on an event, an after-party, that was not sponsored by SAS or GW, deem it worthy of front-page coverage, and disregard Bhangra Blowout for the value it holds for GW and the community.

-The author is president of the South Asian Society

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