Safety tips for protests

Safety tips for GW students and employees for IMF Protests

– Carry your GWorld card with you at all times.

– Avoid areas where protests may be in progress.

– Secure your residence hall room and all your valuables inside. Do not leave doors unlocked.

– Report suspicious packages to UPD.

– Be prepared to evacuate buildings at short notice. Travel light and take essentials, such as medicine, with you.

– Do not park your car in the area – parking will be limited and your vehicle may be inadvertently damaged.

Tips for protestors:

– Immediately leave area of protest if demonstration appears to be anything but peaceful.

– Do not wear contact lenses around the area of the protest – chemicals from tear gas will cause damage.

– Do not wear jewelry or clothing that may be snagged or caught in the event of unrest.

– Cooperate with police.

– Do not engage in blocking vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

– Carry identification and emergency information.

– Do not carry any weapons at all into the area of the protest (i.e. pepper spray, mace, etc.)

source: University Police

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