Bar belle: Garrett’s

Originally Published 04/13/00

Bar: Garrett’s
Where: 3003 M St., NW
Crowd: very college, with the usual thirtysomethings in denial
Getting In: carded at door
Prices: the usual
Food: nope
Dancing: not really
Pick-ups: sure
Pluses: lax atmosphere, but a good time
Minuses: no dancing and a smattering of places to sit

My guess is that most of you have been to Garrett’s. And my other guess is that you probably have been there with the Bar Belle and as a result think that you will be in this article. Well get over yourself. The article is about the Bar Belle and Garrett’s.

Actually, the Bar Belle has had two recent experiences at Garrett’s in the past month – one on a Tuesday and one on a Thursday. Go on the weekends, (which in the GW world includes Thursdays) and leave Tuesdays (unless it’s a special occasion like someone’s birthday) to Mister Days.

Anyway, the two-level bar is totally GW. You’ll definitely know the bulk of the crowd if you go on the weekends. On Tuesday, the setting is, well, dead. The Bar Belle only filled her Tuesday bar slot, usually reserved for Mister Days, because it was someone’s birthday. However, she did get nice and toasty on Tuesday thanks to the stellar shots served up by the bartenders.

Garrett’s is the kind of place you can go to and have a beer (and yes, occasionally the Bar Belle has merely a beer) or you can go and party like a rock star. Whichever you decide to do, you can have a good time. There isn’t much space for sitting down, but there isn’t any dancing either. Most of your time is spent mulling around schmoozing with people. It’s easy to get hit on if you’re sociable. But the Bar Belle is out of the flirting-with-random-guys commission (unless they’re buying drinks, in which case it always is acceptable).

The bottom line with Garrett’s is that it’s nothing new and extraordinary. It’s close. It’s affordable. And the Bar Belle has been there recently, and she knows you all missed her last week. She didn’t want to disappoint you again.

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