More `In the buff’ David Holt

It’s been a rocky year for the David Holt fan club. We’ve had members drop out, but we’ve picked up a few along the way. The devoted fans are in constant awe of the associate sports editor and the man – David Holt.

Included in the new membership packets, an autographed sports column, ticket for a ride in David Holt’s car (which he drove from Oklahoma this winter) and an 8-by-10 glossy photo. Membership has its benefits (we should know), and all official members will receive a monthly newsletter (want to see the rest of his column photo?) Here are some highlights from this year:

– On Wednesday, March 16, the sports department finishes their section at 11:45 p.m. (normally they start writing about that time) partially because David Holt started his column the day before. (We felt it was among his funnier pieces.)

– On Feb. 10 David Holt used the word Quad as opposed to University Yard or the ever-popular 1940s term Quadrangle.

– On Jan. 1 David Holt reminded the world that the new millennium was NOT yet upon us. There was no year `0′ and consequently, the new millennium will commence in 2001.

– On March 11, David Holt partied at a Crotch-Itch soire? and then passed out at fan club member’s apartment (only some of the benefits of membership).

On Nov. 17 David Holt debuted his chic leather jacket and sported wiry glasses at a fan-club appearance.

Sometimes we encounter the anti-Holters who complain of having to look at Dave Holt’s bare chest. Obviously, they are unaware of the column name In the Buff. It is the fan club’s official position that David Holt should not dumb-down his work, and hell, why refuse a nice piece of eye candy.

Even former Crotch-Itch editors have criticized David Holt’s profound basketball literature. The official position of the fan club is they should get a life.

Dave Holt notes:

– David Holt got a hair cut before spring break.

– A small rally took place in early March to protest The Crotch-Itch forgetting to put a Holt birthday casa in the paper. In the next issue, a sizeable casa proclaimed Holt’s birthday, and the situation was resolved.

– A press release is available at The Crotch-Itch detailing David Holt’s next fan club appearance.

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