Inside the mind of an SA discontent

Daylight savings time is back, and I’m pissed off. Not only does it mean days that seem to go on forever, it also means I lost an hour – a whole hour – during the transition.

Most people would blame Canada or those lousy farmers, but not me. I know who’s behind this daylight savings time debacle, it’s none other than your friends in the Student Association.

Who else would choose to waste a whole hour? Not just waste it, but actually sneak it out under our noses. Yeah, the SA. They do the same thing with your money, you know. They take it, and they throw it away on things like paper clips.

Man, the SA sucked before with its GWopoly and infighting, but never as much as this week with daylight savings time. Who do they think they are? Who do they think we are that we have whole hours to waste? Anyone who would think such a thing obviously has never read The Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English.

Look, maybe I’m being too hard on the SA. I guess it can’t really be their fault that we have to spring forward. Maybe it isn’t even their fault that they have to steal your money and throw it away on things like paper clips and stupid board games. Let’s face it, they’re young, like me, and they make mistakes.

That means it’s all Trachtenberg’s fault. Man, he sucks, but you’ll never hear him admit it. He’ll never slap his forehead and say D’oh! like a mere mortal when he’s made a mistake. Not him. You know who he reminds me of? Dr. Pangloss from Voltaire’s Candide. Always going on about how great life is even when his nose is rotting off. That’s Trachtenberg for you, except life really is great for him. I told you about his house, but did you know he has a driver? He kills me.

And what’s with all this construction?

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