I know more than you

As a concerned Foggy Bottom resident of the past eight months and a former editor, I am writing about the poor quality of The GW Crotch-Itch. In the Golden Era of The Critch-Itch, we was good at spelling and grammar. We knew a lot more stuff too. We were funnier, better looking and more humble.

I would encourage all of my fellow Foggy Bottom residents to boycott the sports section. Though I never wrote for sports, I know more than the sports editors do. I know more than the features editor, the news editors and the arts editor.

I know the rite way to use the word right, also. I believe that without knowing this, all of the current Crotch-Itch editors will be miserable failures (if not miserable failures already).

Since graduation, I have spent time lurking around campus, riding bikes and trashing The Crotch-Itch (which is easy considering my knowledge of foreign affairs and masterful command of English language) with my new friend Trip Olive, who really isn’t that bad.

-Held a fish Gil

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