Past due — staff editorial

Responding to student concerns about the lack of recycling options at Mount Vernon campus, Executive Dean Grae Baxter met with a group of students and University employees that will explore the possibility of bringing in a full recycling program. The fact that the Mount Vernon campus doesn’t already have recycling is unacceptable, but Baxter should be commended for responding to student concerns.

In fact, Baxter had little choice but to investigate the issue. During the past few weeks Mount Vernon resident Jan Stucke has been dumping her recyclable materials on Baxter’s front steps. Baxter challenged any students who really care about recycling to leave material in front of her house. Others have joined Stucke.

By taking Baxter up on her challenge, Stucke proves that one person can make a difference for the better. Too often GW students whine to the administration without showing a real willingness to fight for what they want. Stucke, on the other hand, went about her protest with equanimity and steadfastness, and the results speak for themselves.

The group of students and contractors will research recycling options and report back to Baxter following spring break. There is no excuse for Mount Vernon campus not having recycling, so a recycling program must be implemented as soon as the best option is found.

Mount Vernon residents shouldn’t be forced to contribute to the growth of landfills and the destruction of the environment. By denying Mount Vernon residents the option of recycling, the University gives students no choice but to be environmentally irresponsible.

One student’s crusade brought the issue of recycling under a glaring spotlight at Mount Vernon campus. Baxter responded in good faith, meeting with a group that is focused on bringing recycling to Mount Vernon campus. The fact is that Mount Vernon campus should have recycling. It just took a student willing to fight and a receptive administrator to open the door for recycling.

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