Bar Belle: Third Edition

Originally Published 03/16/00

Bar: Third Edition
Where: 1218 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Crowd: twentysomethings and up
Getting In: you’ve been reading the Bar Belle long enough to know
Prices: take some money if you want to party
Food: nada
Dancing: upstairs you can groove, downstairs you can sway
Pick-ups: definitely
Pluses: dancing, option of a low-key or crazy partying night
Minuses: can be tighter fit than some of the black pants girls wear on campus

The evening started off with a little pre-partying before the actual bar escapade got under way. And after a midterm, a paper and being sober for more than a week, the Bar Belle knew it was time to shed her school-girl persona and get back into Bar Belle mode. Don’t worry, it wasn’t hard. The Bar Belle was feeling good before even arriving at Third Edition in Georgetown.The Bar Belle’s no virgin to Thirds. She’s been quite a few times before and actually may have written about it before too. But this was her first outing there this year and worthy of a briefing. The way Third Edition is set up, you can pay $5 to go upstairs where there’s a bar, a dance floor and another bar outside. There’s definitely more room upstairs, but because most bargoers flock upstairs, it can get crowded, especially on the small dance floor. Downstairs has a more relaxed feel. TVs hang behind the bar, and people scrunch into the booths to chat.

Not surprisingly the Bar Belle headed upstairs to party. Outside in the back, the Bar Belle and her friend, who doubles as a barber, noted the bad hair of many of the men at Thirds. But the Bar Belle was not on a boy-scouting mission, so it was fun to criticize. And besides, the barber knew what he was talking about.

After a bit, the Bar Belle hit the dance floor, but beware, it’s limited grooving. Be prepared for the people-version of bumper cars. Nonetheless, it’s a fun place to hit. And after you’ve had your fill of dancing, you can either head out back or head downstairs. However, be careful not to lose your friends. The place gets busy and there are a lot of nooks for hiding, even when you don’t mean to be.

The bottom line is that Thirds may not be the Bar Belle’s first choice for a night out, but it’s a great place to occasionally pop into. There’s a fun crowd (even if they do have bad hair), dancing and most importantly, as you can guess, drinking.

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