Expanded options — staff editorial

In response to student demands on-campus dining choices may soon include a coffee shop similar to Starbucks, a full bagel menu and a home-style eatery like last year’s Colonial Grill. While the logistics have yet to be fully worked out, the University should be commended for listening to students and giving them what they want.

Students complained about Viva Java’s long lines and limited options, so Auxiliary and Institutional Services, in conjunction with the Student Association Dining Services Commission, wants to offer new coffee options.

Many students expressed disappointment when the Colonial Grill closed last year after it was pushed out in favor of a fast-food station. Where Chic-Fil-A now stands, students could get a hearty meal last year – rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables among a rotating menu of meats and side dishes.

But challenges face these possible new moves. Space constraints in the Marvin Center might impede the addition of these new dining options. It would appear that in order to incorporate new choices the University would have to replace other Marvin Center food stations, or have different options share space. Also, some students have expressed concern that any new dining choices would be impaired if staffed by Aramark workers.

The decision to add new dining options – choices students asked for – is an encouraging move on part of the University. In the future, GW should treat all its services in a similar fashion to the way it treats dining services.

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