Election results

Results for the Program Board, Marvin Center Governing Board and Student Association Senate Races*:

*Numbers indicate the total number of votes the candidates received.
Bolded names indicate winners in the race.

Program Board executive chair:
Seth Weinert 1,239
Ian Zeitzer 811

Program Board vice chair:
Ni-Cheng Liang 1,032
Alicia O’Neil 917

Marvin Center Governing Board representatives:
Elizabeth Cox 1,230
Ben Getto 1,031
Peter Frost 907
Phil Meisner 882
Lindsey Haskins 811
Erin S. Conroy 683

Marvin Center Governing Board graduate representative:
Pat Ledesma 1661

Undergraduate senator (at large):
Manny Sanchez 756
Matt Silverstein 641
Joe Bondi 591
Sean Jamieson 546
Jayne Du 463
other 99

Graduate senator (at large):
Naveh Levy 57
Tamara Prendergast 36
other 95

Undergraduate senators (CSAS):
David Feldman 452
Alice Lingo 439
Josh Rothstein 439
Joe Ardito 380
Jade Nester 377
Sarah Palacios 362
Ashleigh Brown 355
Jorge Sanchez 299
Gerome Rothman 283
Yohannes Demoz 271
Andrew Wiseman 246
Lissa Sakata 239
other 102

Undergraduate senators (ESIA):
Seema Talwar 198
Mike Pellegrino 194
Shira Kimmel 160
Bill Norman 75
other 18

Undergraduate senators (SBPM):
Jimmy Cannatti 243
Jeremy Loew 232
other 20

Undergraduate senator (SEAS):
Ricky Dhaliwal 65
other 12

Undergraduate senator (SPHHS):
Kendra Crowley 31
other 1

The winner for graduate senator (CSAS)**:
Jon Rodeback 2
Scott Gastel 1
Rich Hancock 1
Malgovzata Dabkowska 1
Michael Spring 1

**Jon Rodeback was elected. Rich Hancock, Malgovzata Dabkowska, Scott Gastel and Michael Spring tied, and if all are found eligible, the tie will be broken by the Senate-elect.

Graduate senator (ESIA)***:
Erik Telleen 9
Aylin Aydlini 5

***Sharon Samuels, Melanie Roberts and Katrine Marshall received one vote each in the graduate senator (GSEHD) race, and the tie will be broken by the Senate-elect if the three are found eligible.

GW Law School seats:
Scott Coburn 22
Sean Kane 21
other 56

Graduate senator (SBPM):
Emily Christensen 50
Bob Storz 42
David Pfifferling 40
others 7

Graduate senator (SEAS):
J.P. Blackford 5
One seat is open and will be filled by the Senate-elect.

Graduate senator (SPHHS):
Mary Ann T. McYat 13
other 1

SMHS seats:
Tayseer Aldaghlas 64
Zach Ibrahim 53
other 2

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