Bar Belle — Chief Ike’s Mambo Room

Originally Published 03/02/00

Bar: Chief Ike’s Mambo RoomWhere: 1725 Columbia Rd., NWCrowd: twentysomethingsGetting In: the usual – big man at door checking IDsPrices: is anything cheap in D.C.?Food: nopeDancing: oh yeahPick-ups: watch your back on the dance floorPluses: great music to move to and good house beerMinuses: cramped space (which equals cramped style)

The Bar Belle took last weekend off, so she decided to write about a bar experience from a few weeks ago that she never got to share. And the Bar Belle loves to share.

The Bar Belle and her friend headed up to Chief Ike’s Mambo Room on a Friday night with excitement pumping through their veins. After the seven-dollar cab ride and a five-dollar cover charge, the Bar Belle was annoyed and ready to shake away her money problems on the dance floor. Of course, she needed to shell out a few more bucks for a beer. At Chief Ike’s, the drink of choice is definitely Chief Ike’s Mambo Brew. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the typical Miller Lite, it’s definitely worth the extra buck or two for its smooth taste.

With drink in hand, the Bar Belle was ready. With tunes from the Jackson 5 and Donna Summer, who can stand still? But Motown wasn’t the only tunes the disc jockey was spinning. He mixed in a bit of Juvenile and other rap tunes to groove too.

The atmosphere at Chief Ike’s truly depends on the night. The Bar Belle went there once and she and her rowdy crew were the only people in sight. They had to dance to hits from the juke box. Needless to say, the Bar Belle demands a bit more excitement than that. However, on that Friday night a few weeks ago, the rafters were bouncing from the music and floor was shaking from everyone moving – exactly the Bar Belle’s scene.

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