Voss for EVP – staff editorial

The campaign for Student Association executive vice president features a pair of capable SA insiders and two fiery outsiders. While the field is stacked with considerable talent, Chris Voss distances himself from the group as the candidate most fit for EVP.

Under his leadership, Voss envisions a more inclusive SA in which senators actively seek out student input. To give students a voice in SA proceedings, Voss wants to change the committee system to include hearings at which students will have the ability to give testimony. Voss believes that a student-driven, student-centered SA will be more effective at garnering administrators’ respect. Like his opponents, Voss also wants to end the divisive bickering that can render the SA impotent.

Voss’s experience in student advocacy runs deep. As chair of the SA Dining Services Commission, Voss helped direct the switch from meals to points, helped initiate the popular midnight breakfasts, and coordinated a program that let students donate meal points to Miriam’s Kitchen. As a community facilitator, member of the Colonial Cabinet and founder of Students for a Better GW, Voss is not just an SA insider – he’s truly representative of the GW community.

Another EVP hopeful with a strong platform and a proven record in championing student concerns is Cathy Resler. As an SA senator, the assistant vice president of Undergraduate Policy and a member of the Dining Services Commission, Resler proves the candidate with the most SA experience. With seasoning that has gained her a deep knowledge of SA rules and procedure, Resler looks to bring order to oft-chaotic SA meetings.

Two genuine outsiders have brought a fresh perspective to the EVP contest. Pat McLaughlin and Heather Fink both bring a lot of energy and idealism to their candidacies.

Each candidate for executive vice president brings a lot to the table, but with his track record of student advocacy and a realistic platform for change, Voss stands out.

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