Friends maintain loyalty through PB campaign

When Seth Weinert runs into Ian Zeitzer, he greets him with hey sunshine – his normal way of saying hello to his friends. But for Weinert, Zeitzer is not just any old acquaintance.

The two Program Board executive chair candidates, who met at Fall Fest their freshman year, say they have been building a strong friendship since their first PB event. The two juniors have been co-workers since freshman year and said they hang out on weekends.

(Zeitzer) is one of the first friends I made at GW, Weinert said.

Both candidates said their friendship has made the race awkward, but leaves them with confidence that the PB will have a strong leader next year.

But they both said, win or lose, they will not allow the election to damage their friendship or take them away from PB.

Seth wouldn’t get rid of me just by winning, Zeitzer said with a laugh.

In this election I will only potentially lose one thing, Weinert said. I may lose an election, but I will not lose our friendship.

-Theresa Crapanzano

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