Students pay lawsuits

In regards to Paul Prados’ letter (Please free our student groups, Feb. 14), I vehemently disagree with his assertions that GW administrators should not have oversight of off-campus events sponsored by GW student groups. Although this type of oversight is typically applied to Greek-letter organizations, the mishaps at the Pakistani Student Association’s after-party magnify the necessity for the University to provide oversight.

Prados knows as well as I do that the University’s goal is to curb underage drinking. Since the drinking age is 21, I’m guessing that a majority of the members of any student organization are not of legal age. By advocating for fewer restrictions and less oversight, is Prados advocating a student’s right to break the law? I should hope not.

I agree that the University shouldn’t have to play mom and dad to the student organizations. However, in our litigious society, when a mishap occurs, somebody’s going to sue. That person isn’t going to sue the aggressor or the sponsoring student organization; the person is going to sue the entity with a fat wallet. If the words The George Washington University are associated with an event, one can bet GW will be facing a lawsuit in court, even if the events were held off-campus. And, should the University lose, so do you and I. The lawsuit will be paid from an increase in tuition dollars.

-Lorenzo Carlos Sanchez

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