CDs, CRs argue about effectiveness of gun control

Shouting and intense audience participation characterized a heated debate between the College Democrats and College Republicans on gun control Tuesday.

Both sides were really passionate about the issues, CD President Anjan Choudhury said.

Choudhury and Andy Stone represented the Democrats, and Raj Parekh and Alissa Price led the discussion for the Republicans. Stone argued that stricter gun control laws such as background checks at gun shows, trigger locks and nationwide gun registration should be adopted in the Democratic opening statement.

The Second Amendment calls for a well-regulated militia; steps such as closing the gun show loophole, establishing a national registry, and employing trigger locks to prevent accidents that occur daily throughout this nation are what the American people want, Stone said.

Parekh said gun ownership is a personal responsibility, maintaining that gun control is based on the faulty notion that the average American is too clumsy or ill-tempered to be trusted with weapons.

CRs asked if gun control laws had decreased the number of guns getting into the hands of criminals, while CDs affirmed that gun laws were preventing violence and accidents rather than hindering self-defense. Price suggested harsher punishments for criminals and the teaching of gun safety to prevent accidents.

We’re watering down the true meaning of what the founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution for, which was to deny government tyranny, CR member Jayson Winn said.

The gun control debate was the third CR/CD debate in a series of five that will take place this semester.

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