Candidate Profile: Heather Fink

Name: Heather Fink
Hometown: Roxbury, N.J.
Major: Philosophy
Year: Freshman
Credentials: secretarial work, active in high school student government, singing, theatre, tutoring, volunteer work, worked for local Democratic Campaign Committee

Upon coming to GW this fall, Heather Fink’s high expectations of the University met what she believes to be harsh realities.

Everywhere she looked on campus, Fink said she sees things that need to be fixed and improved, and she’s frustrated about it. That is why she’s running for Student Association executive vice president.

Fink said the students in the SA are too stable and comfortable, and Fink said she thinks she is the right person to change that.

I’m sick of the same stuff, Fink said. Nothing is getting accomplished.

Fink recalls trying to get involved in the Student Association but being turned off by the lack of organization within the SA.

I wanted to volunteer, and they just ignored me, Fink said. That showed me how much help they really need.

To alleviate the problem of misdirected volunteers like herself, Fink said as EVP she would make a common volunteer form. It would indicate the type of SA involvement a student is looking for, so the appropriate people can contact the student. The form would be kept on record at the SA office to be referred to when necessary.

Fink said she believes that when a problem arises, you fix it.

She said she has qualities that don’t fit on a resume, citing her ability to listen to others and give advice as her top traits. Fink said her problem-solving abilities will help her as EVP.

Like many other freshmen in Thurston Hall, Fink said living in GW’s most infamous residence hall has been an experience.

It’s fun because you’re all in the same situation, Fink said. It’s great to be in such a large community.

As a philosophy major, Fink said her love of justice and logic weigh in on all her decisions. Fink said her work ethic would reflect the responsibility her fellow students would place on her by choosing her.

When I promise you that I’m going to make things happen here, it’s more than just a statement, it’s a truth, Fink said.

Fink said that win or lose she would stay active in student advocacy. But accomplishing her goals would be a lot harder if not elected.

As for the fact that she is a freshman running for a coveted position usually held by a junior or senior, Fink said, experience is overrated.

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