Bar Belle: Crush

Bar: Crush
Where: 2323 18th St., NW
Crowd: mix of early and late 20s
Getting In: as usual, carded and stamped at the door
Prices: moderate – $3 for a Miller Lite
Food: nope
Dancing: get ready to shake your groove thing
Pick-ups: just look around the dance floor
Pluses: tons of dancing to good music
Minuses: kind of sparse in attendance

After Valentine’s Day and a week of illness, the Bar Belle was ready for some action. Not Mr. Days- or Red Lion-type partying – the more intense Adams Morgan kind.

Decked out in black pants (that’s when you know the Bar Belle means business), the Bar Belle set out on her night with her dancing machine (once she drinks a few) friend. After a brief debate about where to go, the Bar Belle and friends decided on Crush. It’s more of a lax nightclub than other Adams Morgan hot spots, but not so lax that you can’t shake your booty.

The Bar Belle started the evening with a margarita at dinner but quickly switched over to good ol’ Miller Lite for her wallet’s sake. After dishing out five bucks to get in, the Bar Belle didn’t feel like wasting money on mixed drinks. And besides, Miller Lite still is alcohol. After a few fine foamy friends, the Bar Belle was ready to bust a move. And she did to the full extent. With her three companions (the Bar Belle picked up more friends after the evening started), she danced the night away to Rob Bass’ It Takes Two and other classic rap tunes.

There’s a bunch of notable things at Crush, namely the dancing, the coat check and the stamp on your hand that lets you leave and then return without doubling the cover charge. However, Crush lacks the crowds of other Adams Morgan clubs. On one hand, that’s good. On the other hand, a small crowd means a smaller picking of likely dance partners. But don’t worry, the Bar Belle always finds someone to dance with. That night at Crush, she chose her very able, fabulous friend who came with her on the outing.

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