Spring Sports Predictions

The Atlantic 10 coaches have made their predictions for the NCAA Atlantic 10 spring sports.

BaseballEast1. UMass2. Fordham3. Rhode Island4. Temple5. St. Bonaventure6. St. Joseph’sWest1. Virginia Tech2. GW3. Xavier4. La Salle5. Duquesne6. Dayton

Men’s Golf1. Rhode Island2. Xavier3. Virginia Tech4. Temple5. GW6. Dayton7. St. Bonaventure8. Duquesne9. St. Joseph’s10. Fordham11. La Salle

Women’s Crew1. UMass2. GW3. St. Joseph’s4. Temple5. Rhode Island6. Fordham7. Dayton8. La Salle9. Duquesne10. Virginia Tech11. Xavier

Men’s Tennis1. Virginia Tech2. Temple3. GW4. UMass5. Dayton6. Duquesne7. St. Bonaventure8. Xavier9. Rhode Island10. Fordham11. La Salle12. St. Joseph’s

Women’s Tennis1. Virginia Tech2. Temple3. UMass4. GW5. Xavier6. Fordham7. Duquesne8. Dayton9. St. Bonaventure’s10. Rhode Island11. St. Joseph’s12. La Salle

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