Behind the eight ball

I am writing in regards to the recent makeover of the Marvin Center’s fifth floor. I must say I was pleased to finally see some physical changes around campus as we continue our haphazard ascent to being a top-tier school. I guess that the new flat-screen televisions and IKEA-like furniture of the Hippodrome are necessary measures if you want to lure in the newest crop of prospective students. However, the improvements were no more than a change of facade.

The new Hippodrome has six pool tables that have become very popular in recent months, and it is good to see students finally using them. The only problem is that the tables stink. Why haven’t they at least been refurbished? We pay hourly rates – why doesn’t that money go toward the pool tables?

They are certainly owned by the school and don’t have to pay for themselves. My pool-mate and I are exceptional players, but the tables are so bad we are forced to sneak into seedy bars with good tables in order to hone our game. Why should this be so?

My friend and I have a serious future in billiards and could one day share our fame with GW once we’re on top. New pool tables would be pocket change to this institution and foster the careers of many up-and-coming players. Maybe I can play GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg in a one on one match for new or better tables.

I will be waiting in the Hippodrome with my cheap pool balls and crooked cue gazing at the tattered felt.

-Michael Cesari

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