Jon Stewart discusses everything and anything

Jon Stewart is a lewd, indecent and down-right dirty man. On Sunday night, in front of a nearly sold-out Smith Center crowd, he was also damn funny.

Stewart touched on everything from his sexual practices to his dog’s explosive diarrhea in a performance that lasted almost two hours.

I think as you get older, you cherish the moments when there are not children around, Stewart said in an interview after the show. You never realize it, but your parents are dirty, filthy people just like you are, and people like to show that side of themselves.

Stewart said he believes comics sometimes fall into using buzzwords when playing to college audiences.

There are a lot of comics that play to college crowds and say `Beer is tasty’ and `I like rock and roll,’ he said. You have to find some relevance with your crowd, but you have to bring them along to other places, too.

Other places for Stewart included making light of the situation he was in. During the show, he commented on the staging, saying that there was to be a puppet show on next.

Stewart mocked the fact that he was told he couldn’t smoke during his show. He had the audience caught up in the act to the point where people were yelling Just smoke it, and throwing matches up on the stage. Finally, Vice President of Student and Academic Support Services Robert Chernak, seated in the front row, gave Stewart permission to smoke on stage and a Smith Center employee brought him an ashtray. When Stewart finally did light up, the audience cheered.

Beyond giving Stewart the green light to smoke, Chernak was one of the stars of the show. Stewart picked on him constantly, asking him what he was vice president of (to which Chernak responded that he was the vice president of fun), what kind of dog he had and even references to whether the vice president masturbates.

I though the vice president was a strong man, but a fair man, it’s just a shame he has a Lhasa Apso, Stewart said.

The GW Hatchet got its share of ridicule. He started by mocking the size of The Hatchet photographer’s lens, and then said he heard The Hatchet was bullshit.

While no one escaped Stewart’s sarcasm, after the show he said he was very impressed by GW.

While some parts of the show seemed too well-rehearsed, the majority of it seemed tailored slightly to GW and came off as well-researched. Stewart told jokes about drug use, but didn’t make it the focus of his show. He talked about the neighborhood around GW and his experiences as a Jewish kid from New York.

The host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Stewart said it was refreshing for him to do stand up again.

Back when I first started doing stand up, there was not much glamour in driving that van to Rochester, only to be told that the comedy act has been canceled for karaoke, Stewart said. But now it’s a real release for me.

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