Cultural distinctions

This letter is in reference to Monday’s stories (GW party poses problems, GW student leaders debate monitoring of member events, p. 1) regarding the Pakistani Students Association party.

It is sad to see that some of the PSA members themselves need lessons in the differences between Pakistani and Indian cultures. The fact of the matter is Pakistani culture has very little if any commonality with Indian culture. The area that now comprises Pakistan has been more or less a distinct geographical entity separate from India almost through the entire stretch of its documented history.

The British lumped various peoples together in the Subcontinent for their own administrative convenience. This can be verified through such publications as Aitzaz Ahsen’s Indus Saga, Olaf Caroe’s The Pathans and the works of Dr. Ahmed Hassan Dani and Dr. Safdar Mahmood.

The two nations theory – the basis for Pakistan’s birth stresses the separate identity and culture of our nation distinct from that of India.

-Hassan Raza Naqvigraduate student

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