CRs look to election for 2000 prosperity

The College Republicans filled the Dorothy Marvin Betts Theatre with applause during Republican Bob Dole’s speech Monday evening.

But an unsubstantiated survey after the speech found there weren’t many more Republicans present than Democrats. The Republicans were just louder.

Many GW CRs support Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). A few like Texas Gov. George W. Bush. Some, including CR Chairman Brad Murphy, remain neutral.

We have two strong candidates in Bush and McCain, Murphy said at the reception before Dole’s arrival. Gov. Bush has brought some new people into the party. And I think McCain surprised a lot of people (by winning the New Hampshire primary).

CR Vice Chairman Bill Eldridge was partial to McCain, citing his stance on campaign finance.

He’s taking a strong stance for what he believes, Eldridge said.

Some see the race in terms of character. Some of the CRs don’t like Bush for two reasons – because he has not held office for long and because he’s not McCain.

Others considered the Bush factor.

Bush is too wishy-washy, Democrat Steve Thorton said.

Students say the problem with Bush is that he is not handling his campaign well. McCain is noted for his openness, his abundant character and his constant willingness to talk with the media.

Some students say it’s a character flaw that people see in Bush – he’s not strong, and he’s not his father, George H.W. Bush.

Bush has this arrogance about him, said Dole-faithful Stephen Precker. Precker disagreed with many Republican ideals, including the blending of church and state, but will still vote Republican.

Bush has a presence, like he already won New Hampshire, he said.

Stacey Mittin and Amy Becker are both Democrats, but said they were unsure why they support the party. Both said they will vote in November.

As for the issues, Mittin was going to look over the issues, while Becker was, definitely in favor of Al Gore.

Jennifer Roen said her political stance was born from her economic ideology.

I’m Republican when it comes to spending money, she said. It’s all about the money.

Steve Thorton said he believes Vice President Al Gore would run the country better than Bill Bradley.

Bradley – he’s a good man, he said. But not enough experience.

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