Bar Belle: Kokopoolis

Where: 2305 18th St., NW

Crowd: strange mix

Getting In: anyone can go, but not everyone can drink

Prices: not too bad

Food: nope

Dancing: nope

Pick-ups: you wouldn’t want any

Pluses: pool, darts, a bunch of televisions

Minuses: kind of sketchy

After hardcore partying all weekend (after it all, it was the Super Bowl), the Bar Belle didn’t want anything too crazy for a random Monday-night outing. It was the detox night before Mr. Days on Tuesday, so cut her a break if she’s a little boring this week. So, off to Kokopoolis the Bar Belle and her friends went.

First thing you need to know – it’s sketchy. Strange men flock to the tables and an eerie sort of feel lingers around the place. Like, under one of the TVs, there’s a baby carriage.

Once you get over the sketchiness of the place you’ll totally have fun if you’re looking for a mellow evening. There are about 10 pool tables, and not all of them were being used. The Bar Belle is a pool shark. With an able partner, they won three out of five games, which only cost about 15 bucks. Although the Bar Belle did not enjoy any beverages, her friends shared a pitcher of Sierra Nevada without going broke. But drinking is not a necessity here (and yes, that did just come out of the Bar Belle’s mouth).

But, Kokopoolis also isn’t a place for quiet conversations. Although there are some dingy couches and chairs near the dartboards in the back of the bar, the blaring music doesn’t facilitate talking. The music is another interesting quality of the bar. A jukebox provides the tunes, but beware, fellow bar-goers select the songs. The Bar Belle listened to an enjoyable medley of old school Santana and Bob Marley before hearing the likes of Metallica. A drastic change to say the least.

The bottom line is Kokopoolis is a place to play pool and savor a beer. It’s not a place for chugging or dancing and certainly not meeting guys. But if you’re in the mood for pool, it works.

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