The Bar Belle: Club Heaven

Originally Published 01/27/00

Bar: Club Heaven
Where: 2327 18th St., NW
Crowd: an eclectic mix of twentysomethings and wannabe twentysomethings
Getting In: show your ID at the door
Prices: On the high side
Food: nope
Dancing: be prepared to sweat
Pick-ups: be prepared to be hit on
Pluses: it’s a place where the good times roll
Minuses: a bit pricey with drinks, cover and cab fare

Let’s just say the Bar Belle and her entourage were in rare form when they hit Club Heaven one Friday night. The Bar Belle got funktified for the outing, shedding her J. Crew apparel for a more adventurous look. And in Adams Morgan anything goes.

Inside the club, pounding music hits you in the stomach and strobe lights pulsate to the beat. Some people dance like maniacs, while some wall flies merely sway to the beat. Unfortunately, you can’t sway to the beat of a techno version of Christina Aguilera’s What a Girl Wants, but kudos to them for trying.

As expected, the Bar Belle hit the dance floor and grooved for a while, with intermittent trips to the bathroom and bar. Surprisingly, there were no excruciating lines to the bathroom, thus not requiring the potty dance while waiting your turn. At the bar, you don’t need to push your way through a crowd of lushes. Instead you need to climb through the masses of men waiting to pounce on you. The Bar Belle learned, if you’re nice to them, they buy you drinks. But, after you get your drinks, scram.

It’s also not the place for an intimate conversation or an opportunity to meet your soulmate. Most of the people were drunk, and the music is so loud you need to yell everything. However, you can go to Club Heaven for a night of dancing sans alcohol. However, make sure you have a sober crony or you’ll be miserable.

Club Heaven has tons of perks – dancing, drinking, a diverse group of people who do things other than go to school at GW. But it also has a few drawbacks, namely the cost. The Bar Belle blew a ton of money on that night. Two Alabama Slammer shots: $10. Cover charge for four people: $20. The Bar Belle falling down the stairs to end the night: priceless.

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