UPD investigates Aston Hall break-in

Several Aston Hall residents returned from winter break to find their laptop computers stolen, a University Police official said.

Someone reportedly broke into at least seven rooms on various floors of the building and stole computers and computer paraphernalia, said Dolores Stafford, director of UPD. There were no obvious signs of a break-in.

We are actively investigating the incident, Stafford said.

Elika Naraghi, a junior who lives in Aston Hall, said her laptop and her computer case were stolen from her room.

I was told that I was the second person to file a report, Naraghi said.

The incidents were not taped because Aston Hall is not completely outfitted with surveillance cameras.

Stafford said UPD officers working on the investigation will try to determine who may have had access to the building during the break.

Several tenants not affiliated with GW live in the building and had access to Aston Hall during winter break. Information they may provide to UPD will determine the success of the investigation, Stafford said.

(The investigation) really depends on what the people in the building saw, Stafford said.

UPD officers who patrolled Aston Hall regularly during winter break did not notice anything unusual, Stafford said.

Stafford said seven incidents of theft had been reported, allinvolving computers and computer parts.

Aston Hall is occupied mainly by GW students, but the building is managed by Real Property Management, said Mark Levine, director of the Community Living and Learning Center.

Aston Hall is protected by UPD in the same manner as all other residence halls on campus, with the exception of fully installed surveillance cameras, Stafford said.

We initially put in a security system in Aston Hall that was similar to other halls, Stafford said. We have CSAs (community service aides) who sit there and (UPD) patrols the buildings.

UPD will finish installing security cameras as an added security measure.

We are in the process of installing cameras, Stafford said.

Theft regularly occurs in residence halls while students are off campus for vacation, Stafford said.

Historically, we’ve almost had one building that’s been targeted each year, Stafford said of incidents that occur during breaks from classes. I don’t think, except for one year, that we’ve had a year without any problems.

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