Soundtrack delivers more than music

The words Hello, my name is Andy, and this is my soundtrack graces the cover of the Man on the Moon soundtrack (Warner Bros.) as well as a picture of Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman. The design and idea of the cover are simple, and the music is nothing you would expect.

The soundtrack houses a collection of songs, both vocal and instrumental. Various tracks offer listeners dialogue from the movie. It is clear this is not an ordinary soundtrack containing simply music. Instead, listeners are offered a taste of all sorts of musical and entertaining bits.

The soundtrack’s greatest contributor is R.E.M. In addition to the popular song Man on the Moon from the band’s album Automatic For the People, R.E.M. performs its latest song, The Great Beyond. Lead singer Michael Stipe sings a duet with Carrey as Andy Kaufman in This Friendly World. Along with these songs, R.E.M. provides mesmerizing and melodic scores to the tracks Tony Thrown Out, Miracle, Andy Gets Fired and Milk & Cookies.

The soundtrack includes Angela (Theme from `Taxi’), because of Kaufman’s successful character, Latka, from Taxi. There is also the Mighty Mouse Theme, performed by Kaufman during his first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Throughout the soundtrack, Carrey’s voice interacts with characters from the film in various dialogues leading into or out of a song. Kaufman’s character, Tony Clifton, provides a little entertainment with his rendition of I Will Survive.

The Man on the Moon soundtrack is far from your average music from a film. Instead, it illustrates Andy Kaufman’s life from the beginning of his success and throughout his entire career as an entertainer. Vocals, instrumentals and conversations between characters help ease the transition from each track to the next to create an enjoyable soundtrack.

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