GW at the millennium: Timeline

1872- First recorded student protest. Law students were protesting a diploma fee.

October 1946- People picket outside a segregated Lisner Auditorium on the opening night of Joan of Lorraine, starring Ingrid Bergman.

October 1967- About 200 GW students were among the 50,000 protestors who attended a rally at the Lincoln Memorial and marched to the Pentagon.

April 26, 1968- More than 200 students protested on the steps of Rice Hall in support of demands made earlier by the Black Students Union

September 30, 1968- A group of 100 students refused to leave formal lounge of Thurston Hall after campus guards tried to enforce a midnight curfew. Students said they would use the lounge for a love-in and posted a sign that said This lounge has been liberated.

Fall 1968- Students protested outside a GW Board of Trustees meeting to have J. Edgar Hoover removed from the Board of Trustees.

April 23, 1969- About 40 people seized and occupied the Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies located in Maury Hall. The demonstrators barricaded the windows, hung posters of Leon Trotsky, Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara, and flew a red flag out the central window.

Spring 1970- Nicknamed the Strike Semester. Classes were canceled for the first time since the Civil War.

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