A new millennium – staff editorial

As the next millennium approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on GW’s past and where the University is headed.

Relations between GW and those it affects – its students and the Foggy Bottom community – will become increasingly important to the future of the University.

GW has become a nationally recognized undergraduate institution. The University’s student body is much more competitive academically than it was in the past, as less than half of applicants received admission last year.

But administrators shouldn’t lose sight of those who they are paid to serve. Student satisfaction should be a priority. Red tape and bureaucracy, which wastes students’ valuable time, is unacceptable. GW officials should take all measures to cut inefficient and time-consuming bureaucracy, while giving personalized service to students.

Since GW’s move to Foggy Bottom early this century, the University has expanded, dwarfing its original boundaries. GW purchased property and buildings for the purposes of housing students, classrooms, administrative offices, athletic facilities and myriad other functions.

But growing pains have come with GW’s expansion. Many in the Foggy Bottom community see the University as a menace to the historic neighborhood as GW continues its perpetual march toward the residential community.

GW officials should listen to the concerns of Foggy Bottom residents, and respond in good faith, so the University isn’t seen as the enemy. In the coming years the University administration needs to continue and strengthen efforts at building better town-gown relations.

In the next millennium, GW would be wise to soften its image. The University should show that it sincerely cares about those upon which it has the biggest impact: students and local residents.

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