WRGW reports stolen stereo

A $200 stereo was stolen from WRGW’s studios Tuesday, WRGW and University Police officials said.

Jason Cohen, general manager of WRGW, said a brand new AIWA stereo was stolen Tuesday at about 5 p.m. He said WRGW reported the theft to UPD and Metropolitan Police.

WRGW Producer Ian Spring briefly saw some suspicious movement when he came into the studio but thought nothing of it, said Cohen.

He caught a glimpse of somebody packing up a bag, Cohen said.

Cohen said GW’s radio station realized the suspicious behavior was a theft when Dave Ravikoff, WRGW’s music director, wondered aloud where the stereo was.

When Dave said that, (Spring) said `Oh, that’s why the guy sprang out of here, Cohen said.

Students at the station got into the bad habit of leaving doors propped open because the GWorld card readers previously were not working, Cohen said. Programming of the GWorld card readers was just finished Monday, and the doors are no longer kept open.

UPD Director Dolores Stafford said WRGW and other campus offices need to utilize the security that is there for them.

They really left themselves open and vulnerable to this theft, Stafford said.

Law enforcement officials frequently lament that security is inconvenient for many people, Stafford said.

As they defeat the security, as they try to make it more convenient, they put themselves at security risk, she said.

Cohen said he personally bought the stereo and is expecting reimbursement for the purchase.

Cohen said the suspect’s description that students at the WRGW office gave to police was a tall, slim black male between the ages of 18 and 20. Stafford said the suspect was described as being 6-feet tall and 150 pounds. The suspect was wearing baggy blue jeans, a red and black jacket and a red baseball hat, Stafford said.

Cohen said WRGW has a surveillance camera and an alarm system.

Stafford said GW offices with suites should be especially careful and tend to security.

If there is nobody in the front office, that area should be secured, she said.

Stafford said people tend to take precautions after some sort of crime occurs. Thefts at GW decreased during the past three years, she said.

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